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Smarter stores for modern retailers

We’ve built the world's first technology platform for creating smarter, more engaging, and, ultimately, more profitable stores.

We do this by creating customized smart displays for retailers— seamlessly integrated to their inventory systems — to make their physical assets perform as well as the world’s best e-commerce platforms.

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Addressing the biggest challenge in retail

Retailers everywhere are looking to intelligently manage their physical footprint, one of their costliest -- and riskiest -- investments. Virtual Visions is empowering retailers everywhere to reimagine their stores with a smarter physical footprint -- whatever the size -- and with a potentially limitless footprint in the Cloud.

It's the world's first technology platform for creating smarter -- more engaging, and, ultimately, more profitable -- stores. We have great customers and a management team with a distinguished history in both software and retail.

Smart inventory: endless aisles

How does your customer get what she or he wants? With integrated inventory management, customers can find whether an item is available inside the store, at a nearby location, or shippable to their homes via flexible, branded e-commerce solutions.

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Smart displays:
the in-store experience

How does your customer decide what she or he wants in an apparel store? With our leading edge smart-display technology, customers can see what is available and how it looks on them, enhancing the in-store experience.

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Smart data: understanding
your customer

What do your customers want? By aggregating and analyzing "customer interest data," you can create smarter stores that are better designed to serve their needs and help them discover more about your brand.

Case Studies

Read more about some of our successful implementations and case studies. We're beginning this month with Lululemon.

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