Powerful software for modern retailers

Our powerful platform, the first of its kind, enables the retailer to customize a unique shopping experience tailored to fit their brand and image.

Software meets retail

A unique retail experience for any application backed by a world class analytics engine. Whatever your need, we've got you covered.

Search & Inventory Integration

Our platform intelligently connects e-commerce catalogs, online inventory, in-store inventory, and dynamic search to serve your customers what they want, when they want it, where they want it (in the store, at another a nearby store, or delivered to their homes.

Product Purchase & Recommendations

Give consumers the power to browse the entire catalogue and purchase items that are not available in-store with self-checkout.

Product Tracking, Recommendations, & Shipping

End to end analytics from the rack to purchase. See what your customers are trying, buying, re-sizing, and make the right recommendations to them at the exact right moment.

Cosmetic Experience

Try before you buy has never been more engaging! Enable your cosmetic customers to try products and get full looks before getting the makeover of their dreams. Record the makeup session and share it with them as a e-commerce integrated video tutorial.

Jewelry Experience

Browse and view all jewelry available both in store and in the vault. Give the consumer ability to customize and view the product before purchase. View and track the entire store inventory at all times.

Restaurant Experience

Self-ordering and checkout to minimize lines and create better customer experience.

Social Experiences

Connect your brand with your most loyal consumers.  Bring community awareness and brand ambassedorship stories inside the store.

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